Senior Front-end Engineer - Минск - вакансия 711755

Altoros Development

Дата: 08.04.2021

Город: Минск

Сфера деятельности: Программисты, ИТ, телеком

Текст вакансии:

Atomica is building autonomous algorithmic products to pool, buy, and sell DeFi risks. From 2018 Atomica has run a number of experiments in risk mitigation and risk transfer area, deployed such products as Graceful Unwinding for Maker Vaults protection, Smart Contracts Protection MVP. Currently we are actively working on two products: Atomica Liquidation Markets and Atomica Risk Markets. Atomica Liquidation Markets (ALM) – a set of Ethereum smart contracts, aimed to create and run non-custodial liquidity pools to participate in collateral liquidations on DeFi Platforms as a keeper. Another important objective of ALM is to be a buyer of last resort in times of liquidity shortage, or extreme stress of collateral auctions and/or underlying network such as Ethereum. The ALM also includes a set off chain APIs to monitor liquidations and user interfaces for liquidity providers to track contributions and pools performance. The product is launched this year and available here. Atomica Risk Markets (ARM) – a generic, Ethereum based protocol which allows to transfer risks by bootstrapping multilayered risk pools: first-loss pool, second-loss pool and reinsurance pool which provides leverage. Insureds transfer the risks by buying a policy. The ARM is using a dynamic pricing model that calculates premium depending on capital availability. Product supposes fully automated and semi-automated payouts depending on a particular risk pool business rules (defined and approved by Claim DAO). Liquidity providers buy risks with intent to get yield by adding into their portfolio an uncorrelated asset. The product includes user interface for risk market creation, buying policy, deposit and withdraw capital, tracking risk pool performance. Off chain APIs track pools state and provide data for pool performance charts. The MVP is deployed to testnet Rinkby and available here. Atomica is a globally distributed team (our locations – Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Kiev, Minsk). We are passionate about open-source software and decentralized technology, which we believe make financial products fair, affordable and cheap. As a Senior Front-End Engineer on the team, you will take a large and early part in building out our flagship products. You will work closely alongside:
Renat Khasanshyn, Atomica CEO, Co-Founder. Before Atomica Renat has founded Altoros, has been a Venture Partner at Runa Capital, and the co-founder of Etherisc; A small team of four (and growing) world-class engineers; and Product team and stakeholders across Atomica.
We don’t care much about your experience with Blockchain stack; we care far more that someone has solid fundamentals, is generally intelligent, has strong learning agility, and is an overall good human. We understand it takes time to ramp, and we are happy to invest with the right person if necessary. The tech we are building on:
React, Redux, TypeScript, styled-components SCSS Web3.js for interacting with Ethereum The Graph API for pulling data from Ethereum Bitbucket for code collaboration, deployment and continuous delivery Jira for project management
Create trustworthy user experiences by building, testing, and shipping features that are simple, intuitive, performant, and reliable Own entire features from specification to delivery Work effectively with a high degree of autonomy, within a collaboratively minded team Keep abreast of the rapidly evolving DeFi space, and introduce innovative tools and products
3+ years of software engineering experience in front-end technologies Experience with modern JavaScript Experience with React Experience with CSS/HTML Passion for the benefits of decentralization and the Atomica’s values (make right decisions without constant mentoring, consistently ship, and focus on long-term impact)
Competitive salary (compensation in cryptocurrency as an option) A highly skilled and professional team Flexible working hours Medical insurance (50% of annual price is compensated) Loyalty program (goods and services at a discount)

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