Junior Magento Developer - Минск - вакансия 655632

ООО Скандивеб Бел

Дата: 13.01.2021

Город: Минск

Сфера деятельности: Программисты, ИТ, телеком

Текст вакансии:

SCANDIWEB IS SEEKING TALENT IN BELARUS! Scandiweb is a Latvian startup run by guys and girls from all over the world accepting big challenges and finding beautiful solutions for brands like Puma, New York Times, Metropolitan Museum of Art, LEVIS, Lancome... We've made sure that Fortune 500 companies know that Latvia is the best place for digital solutions, and we've had a great deal of fun doing it! Millions of people use our solutions every day - when they buy a new car, a wedding ring, funny socks or even condoms! Yeah, we made sites for HappySocks and Durex too! We welcome Junior Magento Developers, who are expected to:
communicate in English as it is the main language used within the company learn from their Mentor - each Junior gets one get involved and do as much as they can - quantity will become quality accept the challenge - the best way to learn is by pushing yourself and finding the solution, which at first seemed out of reach!! accept our help, there are no lonely wolves - all of our results are the fruits of teamwork and helping each other communicate in English with your colleagues that are in different parts of the world
What does it take to become a Junior Magento Developer?
send your CV in English to us saying you want to join us have a conversation - we will get back to you very soon! complete a test to see if you meet the minimum requirement to be part of the team join for an interview to meet the team and learn more about our daily life
Usually, you can easily complete the test, if you understand OOP and have from a few months to a few years of relevant experience. What is it like to be a Junior Magento Developer:
you are a part of a small team working on a Magento project together you get real-world tasks, build, test and ship to Live your teammates help you to choose the best tech solution we make complex Magento projects, so you will have a chance to learn a lot of related tech e.g. middleware, PIM, CRM, ERP integrations you will get help and code review to make sure your results are great and you are learning you start with the most progressive tech stack OOP frameworks, Docker, GraphQL, React, Vue and so much more! you follow Magento news and Magento community to be the most competent in this sphere you train and pass all relevant Magento certifications to help us continue to be the most certified Magento team in the World! flexible hours are optional! Our offices are open 24/7
Professional certification Optional flexible working hours Crowdbonus Language courses
And more!

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