JavaScript/Python developer - Минск - вакансия 186082

Дата: 07.03.2017

Город: Минск

Сфера деятельности: Программисты, ИТ, телеком

Зарплата: 800 бел. руб. / месяц

Текст вакансии:

We are working for foreign software developer company developing own POS system for hospitality and catering segment for more than 20 years. They are number one on the market of their country with quite impressive list of references.
Almost 90% of POS system and its application logic is written in PostgreSQL and users are working with thin clients for classic desktop or web browser. We are developing new version of web based thin client including proper backend. That is why we are searching for Javascript developer, to extend our team and work on it. It is not about development of single application, it is about long term cooperation and continuous development and improvement of this web based application.
How is application working:- Most important part is Javascript frontend- Javascript frontend is single page application in React- Frontend is using backend written in Python- Application must be able to work with hundreds of users with low load to server- Application will use existing SQL application (tables, views, stored procedure) for data management- Key feature of new application is alway simplicity and intuitive usage of application
What are our request to developers:Best solution for us is developer with knowledge of Javascript and Python, but nobody is perfect. That is why we are searching for two developers, first for Javascript and second for Python.- Both developers should have experience with development of web applications- Javascript developer must have very good (or excellent) knowledge of Javascript- Python developer must have very good (or excellent) knowledge of Python- Knowledge of React is advantage for JS developer, but not a condition- Any other knowledge from IT (SQL, Linux, ...) is always an advantage
What will be your duties:- 80% Javascript frontend- 20% Python backend- 100% of Javascript or 100% of Python for pure Javascript/Python developer
What could developer expect from us:- We will force him to produce application designed to be easy and simply to use- We think, that developer must provide high level of quality and "alpha tests" are part of his work- We are not developing without prior analysis and written instructions (description)- We are forcing developers to follow formal rules, including use of our bug tracking system based on Bugzilla and development according with prior made documentation- We are using best practices from extreme programming, test driven development, team work and other suitable methods- We are not developing application on request (turn key, single purpose)), our applications are long term supported and alive. For that reason, applications quality (including internal source code) is very important for us- Developer will be part of team developing applications, that are loved by their users- Developer will work from home as individual entepreneur
How will be hiring of new colleague proceed:- When you response to our advertisement, we will send you on-line test- When you pass on-line test, we will invite you to personal interview in Minsk at 27th or 28th March- When you pass interview, and when you will be willing to work with us, then welcome on board

Skype: andrei.puzanov

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